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The Steinway Model M is one of the world’s most versatile and popular pianos. Please feel free to browse our site and learn about the Steinway Model M specs, and discover the whole host of unique Steinway Model M pianos.

Find out why a Steinway Model M might be right for you. After learning about the Model M, one of the finest Steinway Baby Grand Pianos, you may just find one of these beauties in your living room.

About Model M

The Steinway Model M is one of Steinway's most popular models. Steinway models are distinguished by their length. The Steinway Model M has a length of 5’ 7” making it significantly smaller than a Steinway Model D, the largest of the Steinway piano models, but larger then the Steinway Model S which has a soundboard length of only 5’ 1”.

The Steinway Model M is an ideal piano for many because it offers high quality sound at a reduced size. Space is always an issue with any piano and a piano that is too large for a space can not only overwhelm the space physically but also acoustically. A Steinway Model M is ideal for a smaller space and a popular choice for prospective owners of Steinway pianos in New York or prospective owners of Steinways in Hong Kong where space is at a premium.

The Steinway Model M is 5’ 7” long and weighs approximately 560 pounds. Other Steinway baby grand models are the Steinway Model A, Steinway Model B, Steinway Model L and Steinway Model S. All Steinway baby grand models are available at Park Avenue Pianos.

Unique Steinway Model Ms

The Steinway Model M has been modified over the years and the dimensions this model are used in some truly unique Steinway baby grand pianos like the Chippendale Grand Piano and the Louis the XV Piano.

The Chippendale Piano is the same size as a Steinway Model M but incorporates the aesthetic design of Thomas Chippendale an 18th century artisan known for his furniture work. This model has continued to be popular over the years for its intricate design and easy aesthetic incorporation into any home with Chippendale furniture.

The Louis the XV Piano, also the same dimensions as the Steinway Model M, was very ornate in keeping with the Louis the XV style. The piano legs, in particular, are carefully carved and the piano itself represents the taste of the times and Louis the XV’s court. Louie died, unceremoniously, from smallpox but the piano design inspired by his style has survived and remains a popular collectors item.

Why an M?

For most people the grandest piano of all, the Steinway Model D is simply too large and too expensive. Music schools, professional concert halls and the famous Steinway Piano Banks remain the primary customers for the grandest of the grand. But Steinway upright pianos, although wonderful instruments, are acoustically different and frequently do not meet all the needs of a Steinway enthusiast.

The Steinway Model M offers the best of both worlds, a professional quality piano appropriate for a home both in size and acoustics. Due to its versatility and popularity, the Steinway Model M can frequently be found as a used Steinway piano.

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Steinway Model M Dimensions

Length: 5' 7" (170 cm)
Width: 57 3/4" (147 cm)
Net Weight:
560 pounds (275 kg)



Furniture: Ebonized or Crown Jewel Collection veneer.
Panel Stock: Quarter-sawn poplar corewood crossbanded and face veneered.
Solids: Ebonized birch, Mahogany, Walnut
Legs: Ebonized mahogany, Mahogany, Walnut veneer over birch. Locking devices.
Finish: Heavy full-bodied black or clear lacquer; completely hand-rubbed.
Hardware: Solid brass; polished & lacquered.